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Ophthalmology Suite is a web based electronic patient record and management system designed by ophthalmologist for ophthalmologists.

It is hosted in UK on a secured server with highest level of encryption.

This ophthalmology software provides easy to use interface and pathway to manage patients. It follows patient journey from referral to appointment to clinic and then an outcome. The software operates a system of ‘waiting lists’ to track patients to check if they need a follow up or a surgical procedure. A letter is generated to GP, with an option to send a detailed ophthalmic report to GP, patient or referring optometrist.

The software provides detailed yet easy to use clinical input screens of history and examination. You can record investigation findings and draw simple clinical drawings. Documents like referral letters, images and investigation results e.g. visual fields, OCT scans, Biometry can be uploaded, which will get linked to the patient.

We hope you find this software useful. Thank you

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